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Zoom seminar: 3 PhD students present their work.

Thur 14.01.2021 (17.15 h) - SFB924 Kolloquium "Molecular Mechanisms of Agronomic Traits" - Zoom seminar

Karina Hille (TP Dawid)
Molecular assessment of metabolome alterations in Hordeum vulgare induced by net blotch.
Host: Prof. Dr. Corinna Dawid, TUM-SoLS

Alessandro Brambilla (TP Vlot-Schuster)
Plant-to-plant defense signaling in barley.
Host: Dr. Corina Vlot-Schuster, HMGU

Clara Pappenberger (TP Hammes)
Amino acid distribution and growth - the role of UmamiT28 & 29.
Host: PD Dr. Ulrich Hammes, TUM-SoLS