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Information to Zoom seminar: Prof. Dr. Eugenia Russinova, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology (BE)

Dear all,
It is my pleasure to host Nemanja Vukasinovic (as representative of Prof. Dr. Eugenia Russinova) for our Thursday’s SFB924 Zoom Seminar series on June 1717:15.

The title of his presentation is "New insights into brassinosteroid distribution and homeostasis in the Arabidopsis root".

Dr. Nemanja Vukasinovic is the shared corresponding and first author of the very recent Nature Plants publication from the Russinova lab. 

You find the Zoom details below.

Looking forward to see you all there.

Cheers, Stefanie

Zoom-Meeting beitreten

Meeting-ID: 627 8425 2582
Kenncode: 360641